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Great for a complete beginner or experienced.  This class will show you what you need to know to get the most out of your painting.  Using black and white paint we will learn to use the paint boldly with control and consistency, developing greater confidence and understanding of painting techniques, how paint works and how to take advantage of what it can do.  Really bust out and discover what you can achieve with paint.  We'll have fun and learn heaps.  You wont look back!

Limited to 12 places


What to bring:

Black & white acrylic paint (minimum size 75ml tube

One A2 card to paint onto will be included in couse cost

Brushes etc will be provided.

Age Suitability

While this is an adults drawing class, students high school age and older are welcome to enrol if the parent/guardian is confident they are mature enough to attend.

Learn to Paint
Sunday 29th January 2023
Cost $90 non-members, Hutt Art Members $72 (20% discount)

Tutor: Roger Key

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