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Drawing realistically is the vital foundation for painting and any other creative media you wish to use. Whether a complete beginner or experienced, this one day class will demonstrate techniques that will transform your drawing abilities and confidence, in a relaxed and friendly environment. Come and discover that drawing is something we can all do and what a difference it will make to what you can achieve in any media you use! 

Limited to 12 places


What to bring:

All you need to bring is A4 or A3 drawing pad/paper, H pencil, pencil sharpener or knife. All other materials will be supplied.

Age Suitability

While this is an adults drawing class, students high school age and older are welcome to enrol if the parent/guardian is confident they are mature enough to attend.

Learn to Draw
Sunday 24th July 2022
Cost $90 non-members, Hutt Art Members $72 (20% discount)

Tutor: Roger Key