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Ages: 15 years and over

Join our fun friendly class.  Tutor on hand to help you achieve your own work.  Create a painting from your own photo or picture. Materials: OILS cheap set of oil paints, buy at the Warehouse or stationery shop, brushes cheap pack of bristle - assorted sizes plus soft 00 and a flat soft synthetics, size 12 canvas, linseed oil or my preference liquin. Palet old white plate or paper plates and paper towels or rag. Turps to clean brushes and 2 small containers, can be baked bean tins etc. Photo or picture to copy. Pencil and rubber. ACRYLICS - cheap pack acrylic paints brushes as above, everything the same except for liseed oil, liquin and turps.

Wednesdays: 4:30-7pm Or  7–9:30pm

Oil/Acrylic Painting

Tutor - Diane Toscano


8 Weeks commencing 5th February


These classes (for 6 to 10 year olds) has a strong focus on creative processes.  In this class, kids will explore a variety of experimental processes, collaborative art activities, fun creativity exercises and technical skills for painting and drawing.  Different mediums kids will be using include: pencil, charcoal, watercolours, acrylic, oil sticks, clay and sculpy.

All materials supplied.

Mondays: 3:45-5:15 pm

Creativity for Kids

Tutor: Melissa Burtenshaw


8 weeks - 3rd Feb, 17th to 30th March

Please note - there is no class 10th Feb

RKey Drawing Essentials Pic.png

Drawing realistically is the vital foundation for painting and all other creative media you wish to use. Whether a complete beginner or experienced, this class will give you straight forward, simple techniques that will transform your drawing abilities and confidence, in a fun and friendly environment.  Come and discover that drawing is something we can all do and what a difference it will make to what you can achieve!

Materials: 1st Session:1 x HB pencil, 1 x sharpener or knife, 1 x A4 or A3 drawing pad

Following sessions: 1 x A2 sheet of card, 1 x A3 sheet black sugar paper, 4 x bull clips. 

Other materials supplied. 

Thursdays: 6.30 - 9pm

Drawing Essentials

Tutor: Roger Key


   5 Sessions - Feb 20th; Mar 5th, 12th, 26th; Apr 9th


An introduction to making pottery making. The first two sessions will cover preparation of clay and hand-building techniques, the rest of the sessions focus on the wheel including: how to centre the clay, how to pull up the walls, shaping actions, shaping bowls, turning the foot, making glazes or slips and the final class covers glazing. Students should bring an apron and old towel with them.

Tuesdays: 6:15-8:15 pm

Pottery - Beginners

includes materials, firing extra

Tutor: Anthea Grob


9 Weeks commencing 11th February


This course is for students who have completed a beginners course so they know how to prepare clay and what throwing is about (even if not entirely confident with it as yet). Course will cover: revision of throwing, shaping including narrow necked forms, making and using supports for trimming, making a pot with a fitted lid, other ways to extend pottery skills such as combining throwing with handbuilding, or pulling spouts and handles with two sessions for glazing.  Students need to bring an apron and old towel with them and may wish to also purchase their own $20 tool kit. 

Thursdays: 6:15-8:15 pm

Pottery - The Next Steps

includes materials, firing extra

Tutor: Anthea Grob


9 Weeks commencing 13th February


Jacky Pearson - Tutor:  Fortnightly Classes during school terms.

Watercolours - classical painting methods, step by step demonstrations and all the theory to go with it.
Each term there is a theme such as skies, tone, colour theory, still life, water and reflections, some thing for everyone. I provide all the necessary teaching aids and reference. Beginners are made very welcome.  Classes are generally in term time and usually fortnightly, but this may vary from time to time.

Apply to Jacky direct.


For full details - www.jackypearson.co.nz