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Reticella Stitch Group
Tutor: Sue Swann

4th Sunday of every month
1pm - 4pm
10 sessions starting - 27th February

Reticella 1.jpg
Reticella 2.jpg
Reticella 3.jpg
Reticella 4.jpg

This group is for those interested in getting together once a month and working on a reticella (or similar whitework technique) project.

I will not be teaching a specific project in this class, but will be available to provide assistance with design of technique.  Join us if:

  • You have a project that you have started and want to finish, but just don’t get around to working on it at home,

  • Have been to my reticella class and want help with some of the motifs,

  • Want to design your own project, but not sure where to start,

  • Have a pattern for a reticella project, but not sure how to start, or

  • You just want the opportunity to stitch and be inspired by the work of others.

$10 per session


$90 for the year

Indigo dyeing and Shibori 
Tutor: Clare Smith

Sunday 13th March 
10am - 4 pm 

Indigo dyeing 1.jpg
Indigo dyeing 2.jpg
Indigo dyeing 3.jpg
Indigo dyeing 3_edited.jpg

Learn a variety of different shibori techniques including folding,clamping, wrapping and stitching, to prepare fabric for dyeing in a communal indigo vat. Students should be able to dye at least 2-3 metres of fabric which could be used for quiting, embroidery or clothing construction.

$95 + $20 materials

Sun Printing
Tutor: Sue Swann

Saturday 26th March
1pm - 4pm

Sun Printing 1.jpg
Sun Printing 2.jpg
Sun Printing 3.jpg
Sun Printing 4.jpg

Have you ever wanted to make your own unique fabric for your projects but not known where to start.  In this workshop you will learn how to colour and add patterns to fabric using either items from nature, found objects or stencils and the heat of the sun.

$65 + $5
materials cost for textile paint

Black Work - Don Quixote
Tutor: Sue Swann

3 x 2 hour sessions
6th, 13th April & 11th May
10am -12noon
or 6pm - 8pm

Blackwork 1.jpg
Blackwork 3.jpg
Blackwork 2.jpg
Blackwork 4.jpg

Blackwork is a counted thread technique, traditionally worked in black thread on white linen fabric, but today is often worked in multiple or other single colours. Because of the geometric designs it is best stitched on an even-weave fabric.

In this class you have the option of either working either of the companion pieces; ‘Don Quixote and Sancho Panza’ or the ‘Windmills’ they were chasing. The pictures are given depth by the use of subtle shading created by varying the thickness of thread or placement of the stitches.

Suitable for all levels of stitchers.

$110 +
$35 for kit

payable to Hutt Art

Quilt-As -you-go Bag
Tutor: Clare Smith

Saturday 23rd April

10am - 4 pm 

Quilt 1.jpg
Quilt 2.jpg
Quilt 3.jpg
Quilt 1_edited.jpg

Do you want to make something quickly, that is useful and doesn’t end up as a UFO? Learn how to sew fabric  into strips and squares then quilt-as-you-go to construct a bag,  placemats or a table runner. You should be able to make a whole bag or up to 4 placemats during the class. Further embellishment such as sashiko stitching will be discussed and can be added later. This class is suitable for beginner quilters but basic sewing machine experience would be helpful.



Crewel Needle Roll - Redwork
Tutor: Sue Swann

3 x 2 hour sessions
4th, 25th May & 8th June
10am - 12 noon or 
6 - 8 pm 

Crewel 1_edited_edited.jpg
Crewel 2.jpg
Crewel 3.jpg
Crewel 4.jpg

Based on a 17th century curtain from a set of bed hangings, this needle roll is worked in fine wool.  Incorporating a pin cushion, needle book and storage for scissors, spare needles, a needle threader and a needle puller, this needle roll will be a valuable addition to your sewing kit.

Suitable for all levels of stitchers, this project has been designed to introduce a variety of ‘line’ stitches to the stitcher.

$110 + $25 for kit

two colour options -

red or blue

Tutor: Clare Smith

Sunday 22nd May 

10am - 4 pm 

Sashiko 1.jpg
Sashiko 2.jpg
Sashiko 1_edited.jpg
Sashiko 2_edited.jpg

Sashiko is a traditional method of strengthening and adding a pattern to  fabrics using running stitch.  Students will learn how to mark out a grid on fabric and then stitch at least 3 Japanese Sashiko patterns either by hand or by machine to produce coasters, placemat, pincushion or to create a patch for mending clothes.

Sashiko is traditionally done using cream or white thread on a navy (indigo) background but students are encouraged to try different colour combinations or create their own stitching patterns for a different look.


Needlebook or Pin Cushion -
Kutch Work
Tutor: Sue Swann

4 x 2 hour sessions
1st, 22nd June, 6th July & 3rd August
10am - 12noon or
6pm - 8pm

Kutch 1.jpg
Kutch 2.jpg
Kutch 3.jpg
Kutch 4.jpg

Kutch style embroidery originates from the Gujarat region of India.  The embroideries from this region are exuberant in their use of colour and exhibit a high degree of symmetry. Each ethnic group and community retains its own distinctive motifs and lexicon of stitches which have been handed down through generations. Shisha mirror work and Kutch work (motifs built up of interlaced stitch) dominate the designs from this region.

In this class you can choose whether to make a needlebook or a pincushion. You will learn a variety of stitches and combinations of stitches as well as learn how to sew on a shisha mirror and work a Kutch motif.

$130 + $25

for kit

Make a Flag Book
Tutor: Clare Smith

Saturday 25th June 

1 - 4 pm 

Flagbook 1.jpg
Flagbook 1_edited.jpg
Flagbook 1_edited.jpg
Flagbook 1_edited.jpg

Make a hard covered flag book and use it to display a poem , a collection of artist cards or even a collection of bus tickets!


Materials fee $5 covers cardboard, glue and paper.

(You bring your own quote , poem or bus ticket collection ).

$65 + $5 materials