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Enrolments are open for the following 2024 classes. 
Keep an eye on this website. Additional classes are frequently added.

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Stitch Group - "Finish that Project"
Tutor: Sue Swann

Sundays  2024

11 Feb, 10 Mar, 14 Apr, 12 May, 9 June,

7 July, 11 Aug, 22 Sept, 13 Oct, 10 Nov, 8 Dec

1 - 4pm

Kutch 1.jpg
Reticella 2.jpg
border sample 2022-1.JPG
Flower 7.JPG

$10 per session


This group is for those interested in getting together once a month and working on an unfinished project.

I will not be teaching a specific project in this class, but will be available to provide assistance with design or technique.  Join us if:

  • You have a project that you have started and want to finish, but just don’t get around to working on it at home,

  • Have been to any of my classes and need assistance getting the project started again,

  • Want to design your own project, but not sure where to start, 

  • You just want the opportunity to stitch and be inspired by the work of others.

Indigo Dyeing and Shibori
Tutor: Clare Smith

Sunday 3rd March 2024

10 - 4pm

Indigo dyeing 1.jpg
Indigo 2.jpg
Indigo 3.jpg
Indigo 4.jpg

+ $20 materials


Learn a variety of different shibori techniques including folding, clamping, wrapping and stitching, to prepare fabric for dyeing in a communal indigo vat.  Students should be able to dye at least 2-3 metres of fabric which could be used for quilting, embroidery or clothing construction.

I Never Promised you a Rose Garden
Tutor: Mary Self

Saturday 23rd March 2024

Saturday 6th April 2024

1 - 4pm

I never promised you a rose garden strand mc (002).jpg
I never promised you a rose garden 2.jpg
I never promised you a rose garden 3.jpg
I never promised you a rose garden 4.jpg

+ $20 materials


This design is based on traditional Knot Gardens. It is a pleasure to let the textures of the threads along with simple canvas work stitches give you a Rose Garden.

Using the grid of the canvas and a clear chart will give yu confidence to branch out from cross stitch. If you stitch between the classes, you can have a go at designing another border around the design.

For beginner embroiderers confident in threading a needle.

The class price will include a colour charted pattern and detailed stitching instructions. If you already have threads and canvas that you would like to use, a full requirement list with options will be sent out.

A full kit of painted canvas, needle and strand yarn will be available at the class of $36.

Komebukuro Bag
Tutor: Clare Smith

Sunday 7th April 2024

Sunday 12th May 2024

1 - 4pm

Komebukuro 1.jpg
Kome 2.jpg
Kome 3.jpg
Kome 4.jpg

Materials TBA



Learn how to do 'One Stitch Sashiko' and turn your stitching into a Komebukuro bag (rice bag). Participants will explore a range of different one stitch sashiko stitches in class then complete the panels at home ready to return and complete the bag construction in a second class. The stitched panels could also be used to make pincushions and these are quick to make and make great gifts. Wooden bowls in the pincushion will be available to buy in the class.

Intro to Metal Thread
Tutor: Jo Dixey

Tuesday 9th April 2024

Tuesday 16th April 2024

6pm - 8pm

Metal 1.jpg
Metal 2.jpg
Metal 3.jpg
Metal 4.jpg

+ $20 kit



Spend a few hours getting an introduction to metal thread embroidery. You will learn how to use the most common metal threads as well as 'bump' padding. I will bring examples of metal thread embroidery along to inspire you to explore this technique further. 

This class is suitable to anyone who wishes to explore metal thread embroidery from total beginners to experienced embroiderers that have never worked with metal.

Students will also need to bring:

Embroidery hoop 8" (20cam)

Washed calico to fit hoop

Background fabric to fit hoop

Notebook and pencil

Small sharp scissors.

Suzani Bird
Tutor: Mary Self

Sunday 21st April 2024

Sunday 19th May 2024

1 - 4pm

Suzanni Bird class web.jpg
Suzanni Bird detail.jpg
Suzanni Bird detail_edited.jpg
Suzanni Bird detail_edited.jpg

+ $30 partial kit



Traditional Suzani Embroidery in Uzbekistan has flourised again since the fall of the Soviet Union. Taking inspirations from a contemporary Suzani, this bird with flowers and leaves has been reinterpreted using crewel embroidery stiches.

In this class you will be taught these stitches through demonstration and have time in class to practise. There will be stiching at home.


For beginner embroiders confident in threading a needle.


The class price will include the design already printed on a linen/cotton fabric with a needle and detailed stitching instructions.  If you already have strand or appletons crewel yarn, you can bring these along, however there will be Strand yarn packs available at he class for $36. 

Modern Stitch Fun
Tutor: Cherie Gurney

Saturday 27th April 2024

10am - 4pm

Modern 1.jpg
Modern 2.jpg
Modern 4.jpg
Modern 3.jpg

+ $20 for kit



Come and create a modern piece of embroidery art with surface stitchery on this Pastel Parade fabric by PietenKees.

We’ll begin the class by creating your very own stitch plan and spending the rest of the day hand stitching where Cherie will share her insights and techniques along the way so you too can experience the joy of hand stitching.  The day will finish up with how to finish your piece of modern stitchery.


Kit includes Pastel Parade fabric 27 x 27cm, interfacing, backing felt fabric, a variety of threads.

Tutor: Sue Swann

4th Sunday of each month 2024: 28th April, 26th May, 23rd June, 28th July, 25th August, 29th September, 20th October, 24th November 

1 - 4pm

Tambour 1.jpg
Tambour 2.jpg
Tambour 3.jpg
Tambour 4.jpg

+ $30 materials


Many of you may have been to tambour classes in the past then put the hook away and not touched it since.  Others may have looked at the beautiful Suzanis, cushions or shawls from Central Asia and would like to make one but couldn't face the endless hours of working chain stitch. Once mastered, the tambour hook enables you to produce these beautiful pieces in a fraction of the time.

A tambour needle can be used to work projects in the following techniques:

  • Luneville - French Haute Couture embroidery - the exotic beading you see on garments.

  • Tambour work - Chain Stitch - many of the Suzanis, shawls, rugs, cushions and bags from Central Asia are worked in chain using a tambour hook.

  • Tambour lace - chain stitch worked on tulle, initially developed in France but then the technique spread across Europe.

In this class you will learn the basics of working with a tambour needle, chosse from one of the styles of tambour work and design and work a basic project.

Intially you will make a sampler to learn how to use your needle to:

  • work a basic chain stitch,

  • attach beads, bugles and sequins, and

  • pad elements and make detached elements (petals, wings etc for stumpwork).

Once you have mastered working with the tambour hook, you will begin work on a project of your choice in any of the styles mentioned above.


Materials includes fabric for sampler and specialist threads.


Needle Lace - Kawakawa Leaf
Tutor: Sue Swann

Wednesday 8th May 2024

Wednesday 22nd May 2024

Wednesday 5th June 2024

6pm - 8pm

Needle lace 1.jpg
Needle lace 2.jpg
Needle lace 3.jpg
Needle lace 4.jpg

$20 Materials


Needle Lace is lace worked with a needle, thread and a limited number of stitch variations.  Variations of needle lace are found all over Europe.  This project is based on the needle lace made in Kenmare, Ireland.

In this class you will:

  • Learn how to do set up a thread or wire cordonet.

  • Learn how to work a variety of needle lace stitches.

  • Work a small stitch sampler.

  • Work a kawakawa leaf.

  • How to finish the piece.

Embroidered Mini Landscape
Tutor: Jo Dixey

Saturday 25th May 2024

10am - 4pm

Mini 1.jpg
Mini 2.jpg
Mini 3.jpg
Mini 4.jpg



Spend a day stitching a favourite landscape using a variety of surface stitches including long and short.

Bring along an image of a landscape and learn how to reduce it in size and which stitches to use to represent each element of the picture.


Suitable to intermediate to advanced embroiders.


Students need to bring:

Embroidery hoop 8" (20cm)

Washed calico, enough for 2 layers in the hoop

Image of a landscape, bring a few so we can choose the best one

Stranded cottons to match colours in the landscape

Sewing kit including size 10 crewel needles.

Inspired by Boro - Jacket/Bag/Cushion
Tutor: Clare Smith

Sunday 16th June 10am - 4pm 2024

Sunday 21st July 1pm - 4pm 2024 

Sunday 4th August 1pm - 4pm 2024

Sunday 25th August 1pm - 4pm 2024

Boro 1.jpg
Boro 2.jpg
Boro 3.jpg
Boro 4.jpg



Make the panels for a simple jacket or vest with boro or kantha style running stitch. A simple jacket pattern will be provided but class participants are welcome to use their own.  The panels will be laid out separately in the first class and then most of the hand - stitching will be completed at home. There is an opportunity to attend a 'finishing' class later in the year (or even the following year!) for help with the final construction of the jacket. It is also possible to make a wallhanging, cushion or bag in this class if you don't have time to complete the stitching on a whole jacket.


Beginners to intermediate. Clothing construction experience would help but is not essential.

Sewing machines with walking foot required.

Shaded Blackwork
Tutor: Jo Dixey

Saturday 6th July 2024

10am - 4pm

Shaded Blackwork 1.jpg
Shaded Blackwork 2.jpg
Shaded Blackwork 3.jpg
Shaded Blackwork 4.jpg

+ $5 for patterns



Blackwork is a counted thread technique where the patterns can be used to create interesting shaded designs.  Using different thicknesses of thread or changing the pattern areas of the design can appear lighter or darker. Spend a few hours learning how this can be done and learn how to move on to creating your own Blackwork designs.


This class is suitable for beginners.

Students will need to bring:

Evenweave fabric - a count you can see, 28 or 32 tpi are good if you can see to count the threads. Cotton evenweave or Linen are both fine.

Black stranded cotton, 2 skeins

Fine tapestry needles

Small scissors

Notebook and pencil


Strawberry Fields Forever Biscornu
Tutor: Mary Self

Saturday 27 July 2024

Saturday 24 August 2024

1 - 4pm

Strawberry-fields-Forever-Canvas-Work Biscornu.jpg
Strawberry Fields Forever Strand Class.jpg
Strawberry Fields Forever Strand Class_edited.jpg
Strawberry Fields Forever Strand Class_edited.jpg

+ $
20 partial kit


A celebration of a strawberry patch with large juicy strawberries and the white flowers promising more to come. A Biscornu is a small ornamental pincushion. It has 8 sides and is usually secured in the centre of the top and the bottom to give a small depression. The work itself comes from the French, meaning something that has an irregular form with projections.

You can stitch one panel, or if you complete the second panel, we will be joining them in the second class to form the biscornu. Using the grid of the canvas and a clear chart will give you confidence to branch out from cross stitch.

For beginner emboiderers confident in threading a needle.


The class price will include a colour charted pattern and detailed stitching instructions. If you already have threads and canvas that you would like to use, a full requirment list with options will be sent out. A full kit of painted canvas, needle and strand yarn will be available at the class of $36.


Wellington Houses on the Hills
Tutor: Mary Self

Saturday 7th September 2024

Saturday 28th September 2024

1 - 4pm

Wellington Houses on a Hill Street.jpg
Wellington Houses on a Hill Street detail.jpg
Wellington Houses on  a Hill.jpg
Wellington Houses on  a Hill detail.jpg




Whether it is a street of funky Noddy study houses inspired by Wellington architect Roger Walker or traditional Villas on the green belt, come along and create your favourity hill view.

You will use traditional English Paper piecing methods to 'build' the houses with surrounding trees. The trees and bush will be embellished with stitches to give a lushness to the view.

A stitch instruction booklet is included in the price. 

Reticella Pohutukawa Christmas Ornament
Tutor: Sue Swann


5th October 2024

19th October 

2nd November

1pm - 3pm

Reticella 1.jpg
Reticella 2.jpg
Reticella 3.jpg
Reticella 4.jpg

+ 30 kit



Reticella is detached needlelace worked on a framework of pulled threadwork.


A Pohutukawa flower is embroidered on a pulled thread framework on evenweave linen.  You have a choice between gold thread on red linen or red thread on white sparkling linen.


Hungarian Christmas Baubles
Tutor: Mary Self

Saturday 23rd November 2024

1 - 4pm

Hungarian Christmas 1_edited.jpg
Hungarian Christmas 2.jpg
Hungarian Christmas 3.jpg
Hungarian Christmas 4.jpg

+$30 partial kit


Create colourful Christmas decorations based on Hungarian folk Embroidery.  Fabric with the four design outlines will be provided as part of the class price.  In the class, you will choose one to stitch and finish off. You can then work on the others after the class.

You are welcome to bring your own felt and embroidery threads, but Felt and Strand Yarn packes will also be available for purchase. A stitch instruction booklet is included in the price.

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