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Pottery Studio

The pottery suite consists of a large room where the potters socialise and do handwork on large tables. Among the equipment available is a wedging table and slab roller as well as room to store your work.

Off the main studio are four additional rooms.

  • The wheel room: a sunny room housing 6 electric wheels, one of which can be converted for left handed potters, a sink and shelving.

  • Laboratory: for mixing glazes and has a sink.

  • The glaze room: for applying glazes and has another sink, table, pug mill, spray booth and three sprayers as well a good supply of made up glazes.

  • Kiln room: We have three electric kilns. The room can be shut off from the main room and glaze room for safety from gasses when kilns are firing.

At present there are groups meeting most mornings and Monday evening.

For a list of classes call 04 566 0102 for more information.

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